Winery NeueHeimat

Embassie of Art/Italy

Winery NeueHeimat is many things save one: traditional. Winemakers Ton Goedmakers and Uli Kaltenböck met in the 1990s in a wine bar in the alpine Arlberg region. After a long-lasting friendship of many years they decided to embark on the adventure of wine. Their vision of a joint winery materialized in 2009 in the pleasure project Goedwinemakers. Looking for adventure in the vineyards, they found so much more: friends who became family, a fulfilling purpose and the love of Southern Styria. For the past years Bastian Kaltenböck has equally invested his dedication as the new general manager of the joint pet project. 

The certified organic winery strives to improve habitat and quality of life for humans as well as for animals. While contributing to sustainability, self-subsistence and natural regulation, the vines and this natural approach yield authentic and individual wines.

The wines of NeueHeimat are more than the sum of their grapes. The location high on mount Sernauberg in Gamlitz produces elegant, fruity, full-flavoured wines with a lively acidity and salty finish. In combination with often imponderable weather conditions, nature proves to be a challenge as well as an inspiration: the result is a rich variety in bouquets as diverse as the people behind the winery. Each bottle is an adventure where flavours meet history and pleasant anticipation – every sip a journey. 

Bastian Kaltenböck
Sernau 29
8462 Gamlitz
+43 3454 66164