Winery Hannes Sabathi

Embassie of Art/Slovenia

“Sabathi with the roots” – that is how they often call Hannes Sabathi, naturally referring to his wine labels featuring roots. Yet there is a deeper meaning – literally – buried in that. Sabathi is absolutely passionate about soil! Digging holes in his vineyards he explores the soil to gain even deeper understanding of the interaction between soil and grape variety. “It’s the soil alone that gives wine its unique character. That fascinates me. To me, this is exactly where there is truth in wine. ” Or, as he loves to put it differently, “lush soil, lush wine”.

The Sabathi estate is situated on the Kranichberg near Gamlitz in Southern Styria. It has been in the family since 1860 and was based on mixed agriculture. Hannes Sabathi’s father focused on producing wine for his Buschenschank tavern. Growing up on the farm, Hannes wanted to become a winemaker early on to fulfill his dream of making special wines. In 2005 he took full responsibility of the estate at the age of 25, abandoned mixed farming and started his quest for the exceptional. That still is his goal today, when he enjoys the support of his family. The “soil scientist” is assisted by his wife Karin, who cheerily directs the winery’s backoffice; while their daughters Katharina and Philippa fill the estates’ every corner with their joy of living. Hannes’ parents, too, play essential roles in the daily running of the winery. At present, Hannes Sabathi cultivates 70 hectares in Southern Styria and 4,5 hectares on Kehlberg in Graz. 

Karin und Hannes Sabathi
Sernau 48
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