Biodynamic Winery and Guestrooms Kögl

Embassie of Art/Cote d’Ivoire

Nothing but originals emerge from the cellar vaults of Tamara Kögl. While roughly the same varieties of wine are grown worldwide, it’s the terroir that lends individuality and uniqueness to a specific wine. Its core quality stems from its origin. As a travel companion through all the development stages from grapes to wine, the vintner moulds and informs the character of the wine by her conscious intervention or even non-intervention.

The decisions she takes as a winemaker are rooted in a combination of experience and intuition, and they are geared to finalizing the wines to their best potential.

Due to the fairly steep slopes where they are grown, Tamara Kögl’s wines are called  “Bergwein”. The vines are carefully cultivated by hand throughout the year; the grapes, too, are hand-picked and painstakingly selected during the harvest.

In intense discussions and collaboration with her team, Tamara develops individual solutions specific to her winery – solutions of a particular energy that visitors can experience while savouring her wines, participating in various events or staying as guests in her rooms and appartments.

Tamara Kögl
Ratsch a.d.W. 59
8461 Ratsch an der Weinstraße
+43 3453 4314 oder +43 664 4080272