The participating artists from eight countries can pride themselves of impressive careers in spite of their young age. Their diverse biographies and artistic approaches will bring about a fascinating variety of works of fine art and photography to be presented at the end of the action week. The project aims at fostering communication and exchange between the winemakers, their guests, the local population and regional artists. In addition, affinities in the processes of producing contemporary art and contemporary wines will also be explored.

Tanja Gurke and Klaus Dieter Hartl will lend their expertise in the field of visual arts and photography to guide the content development of the project. Tanja Gurke is the General Manager of the Grazer Kunstverein. Her experience as a curator and collaborator of various regional and international projects makes her an expert in new trends in contemporary and emerging art. As a long-time director of Galerie Marenzi in Leibniz, Klaus Dieter Hartl has accumulated a truly profound insight into the art scene of Styria and especially Southern Styria. In addition, he is a renowned expert in photography.