Winery Skringer Johann and Anneliese

Embassie of Art/Kosovo

Passion meets wine

Skringer winery is located at 560 m above sea level in Eichberg Trautenburg in the community of Leutschach an der Weinstraße. The vintners’ ambition is to produce wines of highest quality while focusing on authenticity and sustainability. The wines brilliantly reflect soil and climate. The sand and gravel undersoil as well as the cool air currents from the Koralpe generate subtle minerality and dense structure. Day after day, year after year, the Skringer family commit themselves to creating honest wines full of character.

Five vintners’ guest houses welcome visitors who wish to share this love of wine making and the regional savoir vivre.

Johann und Anneliese Skringer
Eichberg-Trautenburg 28
8454 Eichberg-Trautenburg
+43 3456 2666